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Pricing is a very delicate subject with most of our clients, and we completely understand that! We work hard for our money, so we understand that our clients do the same. Have no fear when it comes to the cost of renting an amazing party bus. You aren't going to have any trouble affording our St Petersburg party buses, as we've taken the time and effort to come up with a method of pricing that helps everybody out in the end! The quality of our transportation and the memories that it will bring is something that you cannot put a price on, but you're sure to find our pricing affordable, especially with the tips you'll find on this page.

We'll need to know where it is you and your group wants to go, how many passengers you're expecting to accommodate, and when you will need to use our services. This allows us to give you a rate that you'll find reasonable. If you feel that your price is still too high, here are a few things to consider! Our busiest season, which runs from early spring until late summer, will have higher pricing than the rest of the year. You'll find the same to be true about weekends and holidays, so avoid these times if you're looking to get the lowest price possible. Another great way to get a price that everybody can agree on is to split the overall cost among all of the passengers. This is an easy way to cut down on costs!

No matter when you decide to book, be it a peak season or an off season, you'll get the same great quality of transportation from our amazing chauffeurs. Our services are always running, and they're always the best in town, and that makes us the best possible deal when it comes to professional transportation. You won't find another company in the area with the same quality of vehicle features, and that's a guarantee. We look forward to providing you transportation service that is unmatched within the St Petersburg area. Once you use our party buses, you'll certainly be coming back for the next celebration in your life, even if it's only a night out on the town. Give us a call now to begin your reservation!

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